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Darrell Bahr
Darrell, a graduate of the University Of Missouri School Of Journalism, began his professional career with Famous-Barr (May Department Stores), working primarily in newspaper, direct mail and catalog advertising. He joined the Missouri Credit Union Association in the early 1980s as manager of League Marketing Services. He was soon named vice president of the in-house agency, and annual gross sales quadrupled under his leadership. In 2001, he created The Accel Group, working out of his daughter’s old bedroom. He quickly climbed the executive ladder, and was named president of the one-person agency early in 2002. Known for his inherent curiosity, it is not unusual for him to wander from one staff member’s office to another, asking, “What?”

Christin Kearns
Christin, our Chief Operating Officer, drank the Credit Union Kool-Aid 15 years ago. At her previous job, she worked with credit unions to pair their members with pre-owned vehicles. Although she’s an advertising newbie, this Blackburn College Beaver’s got the sales chops and creative skills (aka weird imagination) to make it far in this biz we call ad. Christin loves spending time with her family, which entails being one of those crazy dance moms for her daughter and cheerleader for her baseball-playing son. When she’s not up to her eyeballs in tutus or mitts, she’s having a passionate affair with her camera. Together, they’ve produced some beautiful photographs.

Jean Mascare
Jean and Darrell have worked together since 1985. He knew any marketing company of his wouldn’t succeed without Jean’s presence, so he hired her as The Accel Group’s Art Director in 2002. As a lifelong St. Louis native, Jean thinks it’s important that you know she went to Bishop DuBourg High School and graduated from St. Louis Community College – Meramec. In addition to being the best art director in the world (OK, this side of the Mississippi), Jean is a wife and a mother to two daughters and one psycho greyhound. You will never hear a swear word from Jean’s mouth, unless she’s out of chocolate.

Carmen Elfgen
Carmen has been The Accel Group’s senior graphic designer since 2004, but she has known Darrell and Jean since the ‘90s from their big-haired and neon-colored days at the Missouri Credit Union Association. Carmen graduated with an art and design degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (Go Cougars!), and she lives in East Alton with her daughter and their dog. When she’s not turning out creative brilliance for The Accel Group and our clients, Carmen is making fused glass creations for friends, family and regional art patrons.

Jennifer Galczynski
Jennifer came to The Accel Group as an account manager/copywriter in 2006, when Darrell rescued her from a soul-killing job at a mail order company that sold aftermarket motorcycle parts. Jennifer graduated from the Journalism School at the University of Missouri – Columbia, which is why she’s known around the office as the “Grammar Hammer.” In addition to being The Accel Group’s Director of Client Service, Jennifer is married to the most patient husband in the world (OK, this side of the Mississippi). They live in Festus with their hyperactive dog and old-lady cat.

Laura Derickson
Laura joined us as an account manager/copywriter in 2015. She brings an informed and fresh perspective to every project because of her varied background working in education, nonprofits, marketing agencies and corporate communications. Laura majored in English at Maryville University and remains active, serving as the alumni board chair. This human thesaurus is an enthusiastic consumer of pop culture and social media and enjoys full-volume singing in the car. Laura is a self-proclaimed word nerd whose favorite punctuation mark is the ampersand (&).

As you can see, there’s not one jerk among us. Reach out to us for a marketing analysis!





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